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Join us, your married hosts Liz LaPoint & Terry Osterhout, as we have unscripted & personal discussions about classic & modern films of all genres, alternating who chooses which film we will profile every episode. 

Liz LaPoint is an artist, writer, model and is known for her blog and YouTube show The Naked Advice with Liz LaPoint. 

Terry Osterhout is an artist, writer, photographer and filmmaker known for his adult, horror fantasy graphic novel "The Chosen Nightmare".

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Jun 28, 2020

Terry chose this gory action-packed popcorn flick based on DC Comics characters. Which one of us liked it and which one said they wished it was shorter?

CW: language, violence

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Jun 22, 2020

June is Pride Month, so Liz chose this award-winning true crime biopic about Brandon Teena, a young transgender man trying to be accepted in a rural Nebraska town. We examine trans awareness then and now, religion's role in anti-LGBTQ persecution, and the controversy of a cisgendered actress playing the lead role.


Jun 19, 2020

Terry chose a Shudder Original psychological thriller for this episode. What would you wish for in a room that can give you anything? 

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Facebook: @HappilyCinemarriedPodcast

Jun 10, 2020

Liz picked a biopic that's part sports drama and part medical documentary, the true story about the doctor who discovered CTE in retired NFL players who'd passed away after battling mental illnesses and homelessness.

Twitter: @HCinemarried

Facebook: @HappilyCinemarriedPodcast

Jun 5, 2020

For our 50th episode, Terry decided it would be fun to list our top 10 favorite movies instead of picking a single film to review. We discuss (spoiler-free!) what criteria we chose for creating our lists and what each film means to us while counting down from 10. What will our number 1 movies be?