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Join us, your married hosts Liz LaPoint & Terry Osterhout, as we have unscripted & personal discussions about classic & modern films of all genres, alternating who chooses which film we will profile every episode. 

Liz LaPoint is an artist, writer, model and is known for her blog and YouTube show The Naked Advice with Liz LaPoint. 

Terry Osterhout is an artist, writer, photographer and filmmaker known for his adult, horror fantasy graphic novel "The Chosen Nightmare".

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Oct 25, 2020

Terry chose this horror cult classic that was director David Cronenberg's first feature length film. We discuss possible allegories and whether the film holds up today.

CW: language, conversation about sexual violence, murder

Oct 15, 2020

Thanks to one of our patrons, Don, who asked us to review this World War 2 dark comedy written and directed by Taika Waititi (who also created the vampire mockumentary What We Do In the Shadows, a film we review exclusively for our Patreon!) 

CW: language, discussion on racism, war violence

Oct 3, 2020

Terry's pick this time is a campy sci-fi adventure flick based on the 1930's comic strip. 

CW: language, discussion about sexual innuendos and racism

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